How the Analyze feature of standard visual help to find out interesting facts of data points.

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We are aware that Power BI has some AI visuals as well as standard visuals. Standard visuals are nothing but the normal bar, line, area charts.

But these normal visuals become extraordinary in Power BI with some hidden features and definitely it is working intelligently.

Let’s learn those insight ingredients of standard visuals.

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I consider the US Superstore dataset from Kaggle.

How Natural Language can be used in Q&A AI Visual with step by step details and examples.

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Nowadays, if you are going to know about any self-service business intelligence tool, you don’t want to limit yourself to explore only data visualization. With the same thought, I explored the advanced features of Power BI and found the smart features of Power BI.

In this blog, you will learn how to create a Q&A visual without writing a single line of code.

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I consider the US Superstore dataset from Kaggle.

Explained the concept of combining DAX expression with the element of time.

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A very common term is used in DAX whenever we are building any data model, is Time Intelligence.

It is not only combined and organized data into periods of time but also to understand how each period relates to any other grouping sequentially.

According to Microsoft Document, there are 35 Time Intelligence functions in DAX. These functions enable us to shape data using time periods including days, months, quarters, and years and build comparative calculations over those periods.

In this blog, you are going to explore different Time…

Dealing with Automatic Date Table, additional columns in date table and handling multiple date columns in Data Model.

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For any data analysis project, three questions are mandatory to ask.

The answers to these questions depend on date and time data but in different forms (historical, current stage and forecast).

DAX helps to manage any date and time information in an organised way with useful reports.

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I consider the US Superstore dataset from Kaggle.

Exploring how to combine data from different tables with or without a relationship in DAX.

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For most cases, we can consider defined standard relationships in DAX calculations as per the data model. But it is not applicable every time. For more flexibility, there are some DAX functions are available that support joining tables.

Standard Relationship in DAX

When a data model has more than one table, it is possible to have a relationship between them that will be used by DAX during calculations.

There are some limitations where this DAX relationship process does not work.

Only One to One and One to Many relationships

Explain with hands-on how grouping and summarizing information is a powerful feature of Power BI.

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For any data analysis or business intelligence project, it is the primary requirement to provide summary information from your data in a faster way.

If you have missed my previous blogs about DAX, please check my medium profile.

Purpose of Summarization

In any industry, millions of transaction data with thousands of rows per day have been captured. From this type of large table, you can prepare a summary table using aggregation logic and represent summarize visual.

Performance of visual will be faster if data is fetching from the…

How the concept of context enables dynamic analysis while creating DAX formulas.

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Experts are saying that if you learn about the context in DAX, then you are going to be a master in DAX. I am following their path and start to understand deeply the concept of context in DAX.

If you have missed my previous two blogs about DAX, please find the link below.

What is Context in DAX

Philip Seamark says

“Context is how DAX applies layers of filtering to tables used in your calculations so that they return results that are relevant for every value.”

As per Microsoft documentation, context is an…

Learn how to use DAX variables in Power BI to make calculations easier to understand and for improved readability, consistency and performance.

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When I was studying DAX, I realized how variables are helping to improve performance, readability and reduce the complexity of any DAX calculations.

During this learning process, I put my understandings in this blog. Let’s start our journey to DAX variables.

If you have missed my previous blog about Introduction to DAX, then please have a look to refresh your idea about DAX.

What is the DAX Variable

In DAX calculation, we can use variables to make the calculations easier to understand.


This is a step by step tutorial starting with an introduction to DAX operators, DAX function categories, DAX data model components and first hands-on experience with DAX

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For any POWER BI job description, you will find one competency is mandatory. Any idea what is that? Yes, you are right. It is DAX.

DAX is playing an important key role in any Power BI project. In this blog series, I will capture my understanding of DAX with some practical code.

What is DAX?

DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is known as a functional language. It means, calculations mostly use functions to generate the results.


A complete guided case study in Power BI based on the Kaggle data set.

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Today I was trying to prepare some tasty salad and going to some food blogs. I found a good recipe with avocado. As we know avocado is a very good source of vitamins and helps to protect from heart disease. After having a good salad, I couldn’t come out from avocado and found a popular data set in the Kaggle. I started to plan to do some data analysis.

In this blog, I am going to explain to you how I have completed one case study…

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