Career Transformation from BI developer to Data Analyst/Data Scientist

My first write up in medium platform. No, this is not only a story , this is my journey. When I had started my career as a software engineer , my goal was only to learn and learn. Over 16 years, I am earning knowledge which will never be depreciated.

During initial days , I had worked on Java , Siebel CRM and SQL. After that I got a chance to work on Siebel Analytics , later on it became OBI (Oracle Business Intelligence ). At that time I didn’t have any idea that I am a BI developer or analytics developer . It was because of lesser experience as well as no mentors. Today there are many mentors and professional networks, we can avail these for future growth.

Other than OBI , I got a chance to work on Tableau , Pentaho, Qlikview, Microsoft Power BI. To work for various projects and different technologies , sometimes we have to sacrifice our other goals like promotion, appraisal ratings, appreciations etc.

After working on multiple BI products , I realized that the world is talking about data science. I made up my mind to get into this world.

It was another big decision for me. In Oct, 2017, I thought to pursue my post graduation in Data Science. Trust me , there were huge negative points coming from so many sides. Some people told me , I had 13 years of experience why I am taking risk in my career. Some said you are a working mother, you can’t manage it and you don’t need to do higher studies. But I stayed on my path and my husband supported me a lot.

Finally, I completed my Post Graduation successfully. My business intelligence background helped me to understand the initial steps on Data Science , for example , business understanding , data understanding , data preparation, exploratory data analysis. Now I am a Data Analyst and moving towards to Data Science field.

One thing I must say; degree, certification cannot make us data scientist, these are only tickets to move to this field. We need more practical experiences.

Nowadays I am writing technical blogs which are based on my experiments and experiences.

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