The struggle for survival

Crisis, struggle, painful - these are the most used words in the COVID19 situation. Yes, the whole world is suffering through the same pain. On the other side, the world is united to fight against Corona.

The new year (2020) started with so many dreams. My husband got an overseas project opportunity and he traveled. I and my son (8 years old now) were supposed to travel one month after completing my office and son’s school formalities. Sometimes a plan is in place but luck is not with us.

Around March 2020 end, lockdown started in India and we could not travel. Transfer certificate was already issued from my son’s school and I completed closing formalities in my office. At that time I could not cry in spite of my helpless feelings. Because I had to deal with so many things especially my son’s emotions.

It was an acid test situation for me. When one door closes, God opens another door for us. School administration helped us with readmission. My Son started his online classes. I managed to join the office back.

A new era started in our life. Before COVID, I was a mother, IT professional, cook, teacher. Due to COVID, I became so much more - housekeeper, plumber, electrician, computer mechanic, etc all in one person.

After all these, still it was not easy for me as a mother to handle this situation. Every night, before going to bed, my son was crying for his father and I felt so helpless. When we are in such a helpless situation, at that moment it’s better to deal with it, not to look back.

I tried to prepare a list of things that could be used to engage my son and it worked well. Other than online classes from school, he used to be busy with art and craft works like drawing, paper crafts, etc. I am a trained singer, so started to teach him music lessons and he enjoyed it a lot. Later on, he made videos and shared learning experiences with his father. Slowly he accustomed to the situation.

Finally, there was some hope when in September 2020, we received our visas and passports back. For more than 7 months, we eagerly waited for that. I knew what I had to do. I resigned from my job. It was time for a family reunion.

Thousands of miles away from Kolkata, after long hours spent on economy seats and airport lounges, we landed in Heathrow. It was a special morning in September. Four eager eyes were searching for a very familiar face. There he was; a father and a husband we had been seeing on video call for the last 7 months.

A family reunited again. Now we can face anything together.

Our son still continues with his creative arts and craftworks.

Yes, it was a treacherous time, but this is what life is - struggle for a better tomorrow.

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